Ashlanthus flower seeds

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The best time to plant Ashlantus seeds is after the cold weather and in early spring.

Full sunlight, strong and fertile soil, regular and relatively high watering are the conditions for growing and maintaining Ashlantus flower.

Sow flower seeds in rich soil with proper drainage at a depth of half a centimeter and keep the surface of the planting bed moist until germination.

Ashlantus flower seeds will germinate in 10 to 14 days if the conditions are right.

It is better to plant this flower in large numbers and after the growth of the buds and the growth of the plant, thin the weaker bushes to provide enough space for the growth of stronger plants.

Ashlantus flower needs to receive enough and direct sunlight for several hours a day to have optimal growth and beautiful leaves.

Ashlantus is one of the summer flowers and very sensitive to the cold weather. The most suitable temperature for growing Ashlantus plant is 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. This beautiful flower slows down in temperatures below 15 degrees and is seriously damaged at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius and the growth of the plant stops.

The richer the amount of organic matter in the soil under Ashlantus cultivation, the better the growth of the plant and the denser foliage.

Ashlantus flower needs a relatively large amount of water, and drought stress should be avoided during the plant's growth period.