Barlas poultry manure 25 kg

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What is a chicken plate and what is its use:

Poultry plate is a complete fertilizer, which is a source of organic matter to strengthen all types of soil. In addition to removing nutrients in terms of nitrogen, it is considered a much richer fertilizer than other organic fertilizers.

By using the most advanced scientific methods and modern machines, 100% pure chicken manure compost is prepared and contains all the properties of chicken manure.

During production, it is completely disinfected and sterilized and free of pathogens, weed seeds, insect larvae and eggs, and other common contaminations in raw animal manure.

By having all the nutrients needed by plants and 90% of useful organic matter, it increases soil fertility and increases the yield and improves its quality.

The chicken plate is completely dry and is supplied in the form of a plate (pellet) in a package, which is easy to carry out, storage, and use, and its use is economical.

Enriched chicken manure, unlike raw and chemical fertilizers, does not have harmful effects on the soil, plant roots and the environment, and the elements in it are not washed away by successive irrigation or rain, but are gradually released and activated and can be consumed by plant roots.

Advantages of chicken plate:

1- Improving the biological activity of the soil
The chicken plate with its constituent nutrients is considered a powerful stimulus for soil particles. This natural fertilizer improves the soil structure and creates better conditions for plant growth.

2- Improving the speed and quality of plant growth
Since nitrogen is one of the main components of chicken plate, this fertilizer can significantly increase the speed and quality of plant growth. In fact, nitrogen provides the conditions that the plant needs for easy growth and also provides the material it needs. In addition to nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, each of them play a role in the formation of chlorophyll and the reproduction of the plant's roots and stems. have formed a part of the composition of the chicken plate.
Increase the useful life of the plant
One of the properties of nitrogen is to help green leaves. In fact, this substance plays an essential role in growing leafy plants. On the other hand, the effect of chicken pellets on the soil and plants is not a temporary effect. Therefore, the plant that is fed by chicken pellets becomes greener and stays green longer.
3- Helping the process of photosynthesis in the plant
Chicken plate as a rich source of three elements: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus; It improves the process of photosynthesis in the plant. In this way, in addition to the benefit it has for plants and soil, chicken plate manure also helps the environment and oxygen production.
4- Increasing the quality and quantity of products
Plants boosted by chicken pellets will sprout, flower and produce fruit just in time. In addition, garden and field products that are affected by the structural modification of chicken pellets are bigger, better quality, tastier, more colorful, fragrant and more characteristic.
At the same time, the plants strengthened with chicken pellets produce more and healthier seeds and their yield rate is also higher.
5- Modifying the soil structure
Chicken pellets make the soil porous and in this way open the way for air and oxygen to penetrate to the lower layers. As a result of this process, the plant breathes better. Also, the dark color of chicken pellets increases the absorption of sunlight through the soil. The acidity of the soil is regulated by the presence of chicken pellets and the water holding capacity is increased by it. All these capabilities that are present in chicken pellets make the soil containing this organic material have a better structure.

6- Preventing soil erosion and preparing it for replanting
Chicken pellets hold water well in the soil. For this reason, soil particles containing this substance are not easily washed away under the influence of rain. In addition, the materials that chicken pellets add to the soil and the capabilities that it creates in the direction of better compaction, easier breathing, water retention and absorption of sunlight, have long-term effects on the soil. Therefore, the soil containing chicken pellets is not weakened by replanting. This organic fertilizer can also prepare tired and weak soil for replanting and revitalization.

8- Increasing soil organic matter

9- Increasing useful soil microorganisms

10- Improving the physical, chemical and fertility characteristics of the soil

11- Reducing the apparent volumetric mass and increasing the porosity and permeability of the soil

12- Darkening the color of the soil and absorbing more energy

13- Increasing water retention, especially in sandy soils

14- Reducing the stickiness of clay soils

15- Increasing the adhesion of sandy soils

16- Local reduction of soil pH

Fresh chicken manure has about 70% moisture. Unprocessed bulk chicken manure is also a very valuable fertilizer if it is properly stored and transported to the farm and consumed.

In order to reduce the release of ammonia gas and the pungent smell of chicken manure and to reduce the losses of phosphorus and low consumption nutrients, chicken manure is modified with aluminum sulfate.

Chicken manure has significant amounts of methionine, lysine and cysteine.

The value of chicken manure depends on the type and composition of food, the type of chicken keeping, and the type of material used for chicken litter. According to the research conducted at the University of Havana, it shows that if chicken manure contains 50% water in Each ton contains 20 kg of nitrogen, 13 kg of potassium, 25 kg of phosphorus and 42 kg of lime and magnesium.

Based on the comparison made in Europe between chicken manure, cow manure and pig manure, it shows that if chicken manure is processed, its value is much higher than other fertilizers. The following table shows the proportion of these fertilizers in the composition of 1000 gallons of fertilizer. .

According to the production process, the pelleted chicken manure is completely ground in two stages and turns into fine powder particles that are easily decomposed in the soil and its elements 

The use of the plant is placed.


According to the production process and the request of dear consumers, pelleted chicken manure has the possibility of enrichment based on the needs of different soils.


Poultry manure of broiler chickens is compressed and supplied in the form of pellets, which is basically this type of processing in order to reduce the volume of materials for the convenience and cost of transportation, easier storage, less wastage and reducing the moisture content of the final product to less than 10 The percentage is compared to the primary bulk materials.


Considering that pure chicken manure has an alkaline pH of about 10-12, in processed and pelleted chicken manure, with the possibility of enrichment by humic acid, which lowers the pH, the pH of the final product is brought to about 7-8. This is important in correcting the pH of calcareous soils in the country.


Plated chicken manure is free from weed seeds and pathogens.


Bag weight 25 kg