Gea alfalfa seeds

Delivery date: 1 الی 3 روز کاری

Gea is a Mediterranean-type variety but in the meantime, it shows a really good cold tolerance. This is the reason why it is adapted to a very extended cultivation area. Gea has a very high production potential. Gea produces high-quality forage with a high leaves/stems ratio.

Gea is recommended for haying and dehydration.

Gea is especially suited for frequent cut management.

Gea possesses a particularly well-developed root system. This accounts for its good summer drought tolerance.

The supplying system of dehydration plants requires a distribution of production along the whole growing season, and this implies good adaptability of the variety to frequent cutting and good regrowth.

Dehydration companies look for high protein content in order to improve their production, while farmers require a high production per hectare in order to get a higher income.

Gea meets all these requirements.

Sowing period: February, March, April, September

Seeding rate: 25-40 kg/ha

Depth of sowing: from 0,5 to 1 cm


Bag weight 25 kg