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70 years of history in the seed

We have developed a portfolio of field crops and vegetables that meets the needs of the farmer and support him to improve his yield and his profitability. Since 1995, the company has an expanding seed production plan, utilizing also its own seed processing facilities, achieving the highest quality standards in the produced seeds.  

Further, during the last 20 years we have developed our research programs with the following results:

  1.  A global breakthrough in cotton by breeding cotton varieties with supreme quality characteristics, high yield capacity and early maturity, resulting in added value for the whole chain of the cotton industry.
  2. Improved alfalfa varieties with high yield capacity and supreme nutritional value (high protein content and digestibility).
  3. An extended range of corn hybrids adopted to the regional conditions with high yield and stress tolerance. 
  4. We have developed a range of vegetables seed products specifically aiming the needs of our region with increased quality and agronomic characteristics.

In 2015, the company:

  • Completed an investment for the winter production of vegetables seedlings and grafted seedlings at the Seedlings Production Plant in South Greece.

  • Established a new processing line for corn seeds at the seed processing plant for field crops in Central Greece.

  • Completed an investment for the upgrade of corn research equipment at its Research Station in North Bulgaria.

For 2016 the company is planning further investment in the seed processing plant for field crops in central Greece in order to increase the capacity of seed processing in alfalfa.

Golden West is part of Spirou Group.  The mother company was established in Athens in 1947 dealing initially with the retail sales of seeds, agrochemicals, agricultural machinery and tools, as well as the edition of agricultural books. During the 60’s, the company grew in the trade of seeds introducing the first hybrid vegetables seeds in the Greek market. In the following years the company developed the vegetable sector in Greece and during the 80’s, entered also in the field crops.

In the early 90’s Golden West was developed to house the research activities of the group, first with cotton and then with corn and alfalfa. At the same time the company invested in production facilities building a solid infrastructure for its future development.

During the recent years, the company has expanded its activities in the Greater Mediterranean region, Middle East, Turkey, East Europe and Balkans and an expanding list of countries.

The high efficiency, the continuous investments and our focus in developing high quality seed products of added value, insure our leading position.

We remain committed in our vision to offer added value in the agricultural chain and we invest constantly towards this direction.  

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