Iranian persian green basil seeds

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Basil is a one-year herbaceous plant belonging to the mint family, which is one of the most important leafy vegetables with different varieties. Basil, in addition to being used as a fresh vegetable, its vegetative and aromatic body is dried and used as a spice as well as a medicinal plant.

Basil is an annual and aromatic herb whose stem height reaches 60 cm.

Its leaves are oppositely oval and pointed with jagged edges.

Its fragrant and small flowers are seen in white, red and sometimes purple colors.

Its eggs are black and tiny.

Basil leaves and its young branches are used as food. Basil is grown in Iran and Afghanistan and is planted in most parts of the world.

Chemical composition of basil:

An essential oil is prepared from basil called basilic essential oil or basil oil, which is famous and has various therapeutic uses.

Basil essential oil contains substances such as estragole.

Basil seeds have an oily substance that has a liquid state.

Medicinal properties of basil:

Because basil is very fragrant, so it is used to flavor foods. Basil is a bit hot and dry in old Iran.

1) Infusion of basil leaves has an anticonvulsant effect and is strong and diuretic.

2) Infusion of basil leaves is a cure for migraine and nervous headaches.

3) Eating basil strengthens the digestive system.

4) Drinking a cup of basil brew removes flatulence and stomach gas.

5) Basil leaves are a cure for the discomfort caused by insect bites. It is enough to massage the insect bite with basil leaves, it will relieve itching and pain.

6) Chewing basil leaves is useful for mouth ulcers.

7) Basil decoction is antipyretic.

8) Brewed basil seeds are a painkiller.

9) If you pound basil seeds and mix them with gum arabic, it is a good medicine for treating diarrhea.

10) Basil eggs are useful for relieving heartache

11) Basil leaves have the effect of increasing milk and nursing mothers should definitely use this plant.

12) Infusion of basil seeds is used to treat kidney swelling and female secretions.

13) Infusion of basil leaves cures dizziness.

14) Eat basil leaves with food, it is effective in digestion.

15) If you put the basil pot in front of the window, it will drive away insects and flies and they will not enter the house.

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