English lavender f1 seeds

Delivery date: 1 الی 3 روز کاری

Lavandula officinalis / Lavandula angustifolia / Lavandula vera
flowers (Lavandulae flos)
most important active substances
volatile oil in the flowers 1 – 3 %, main constituents linalool, linalylacetat, cineol, borneol, camphor,
most important usages
mood disturbances such as restlessness or insomnia, functional abdominal complaints irritations, as a sedative in cases of tension, exhaustion; also for poorly healing wounds (lavender baths), for getting to sleep (herb pillow)
Recommendations for cultivation
Weight per thousand seed grains: 1,0 g
Demand for plantation : 6 plants / m²
Distance between the rows: 50 cm
harvest: in the second year