Osteospermum flower seeds

This flower is native to Africa and is a permanent and evergreen plant that flowers on sunny days throughout the year. But its main flowering in warm areas begins in early autumn and continues throughout the winter; So when the color of different plants in the garden reaches the lowest value, this plant is covered with a sheet of flowers. The flowers are 5-7 cm in diameter with a purple or blue center, the upper surface of the petals is white with a lilac tint and the lower petals are lilac.

This plant is fast growing and the stems root in contact with the soil as the plant spreads and each plant can spread up to 120cm. The height of the plant reaches 15 to 30 cm. This plant can be cultivated in coastal areas and in areas with hot summer. But they do not grow well in desert areas.

It flowers from late spring to late autumn.

It grows in light and relatively fertile soil with good drainage, in a warm and sunny place. It needs full sunlight and moderate watering. Although it tolerates drought, moderate watering is desirable in established plants. It needs well-drained soil. When plants start to look untidy, they should be pruned after flowering to allow new, healthy growth to replace them.

It can be increased by planting seeds and cuttings, which is the most important method of seed cultivation. The seeds of this plant are planted in the cold greenhouse at the end of December and after reaching the stage of 4-5 leaves, they are planted and will flower in the beginning of May.