Persian clover seeds

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What is specification of persian clover seeds?

Persian clover seed specifications may vary depending on the variety, but generally speaking, these seeds measure about 3-5 mm in length and 1.3-2.3 mm in width. They are very small and oval shaped with a pale yellow-brown color. Persian clover is considered to be one of the most drought tolerant clovers available and produces plenty of high-quality forage with good bunching ability.

how to grow persian clover in feild?

1. Choose a sunny, well-drained area in your field and prepare the soil by loosening it with a hoe or rake and remove any existing weeds.


2. Add natural compost or organic fertilizers to the soil for extra nutrients for the plants.


3. Sow Persian clover seeds directly in the desired area at a rate of 20-30 pounds per acre when temperatures reach 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit in the springtime. Water the area lightly during germination using either a garden hose or sprinkler system until it’s established.


4. Maintain weed population levels near your newly planted clover by removing them from the areas regularly throughout the season.


5. Keep an eye on water levels throughout the season as Persian clover prefers moist soil but not wet conditions to ensure strong establishment and growth compared to surrounding plants in your field. Water if needed around every two weeks, aiming to keep ground moist rather than soaked so that roots may take deeper holds within soils for sturdy development of stems and foliage along with better support of seed heads into great harvestable crops later in year.


6. Feed your Persian Clover once every three months during its growing cycle; it’ll be great to use balanced liquid fertilizer seen as best choice since this evenly disperses across field’s surfaces where roots can quickly uptake added nutrition while also providing lower risk introducing excessive amounts leading possibly burnt leaves from too concentrated nutrients applied all at once time!

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