Shadegan leek seeds

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What is the scientific name of Shadegani leek:

Allium Iranicum

What is the purity percentage of Shadegani leek seeds:

98 percent

How much is the germination percentage of shadegani seeds:

85 percent

How many grams is the weight of a thousand leek seeds:

2.8 grams

How much light is the need for Shadegani leek plant:

Direct sun or partial shade

What are the characteristics of suitable soil for cultivating Shadegani leek seeds:

Light and well-drained, rich in organic matter, pH: 6-7

What season is the time to plant Shadegani leek seeds:

spring and summer

The appropriate temperature for the germination of Shadegani leek seeds is a few degrees Celsius:

15-20 degrees Celsius

In what season does Shadegani leek bloom:

mid spring

Shadegani leek plant is resistant to which environmental conditions:

Dryness and heat

What are the uses of leek plant:

Planting as an edible vegetable - planting as an ornamental flower