Silver mix ageratum flower seeds

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Blue cloud flower is an annual and fast growing plant. It is very durable and has very beautiful flowers, and because of their long life, it is called ageratum; It means always young.

It blooms from summer and flowers for a considerable period until the end of November and before the onset of frost.

Cultivation and propagation of cloud flower is done through seeds. For this purpose, the seeds of cloud flower are grown in two ways: directly planting seeds in the ground or planting seeds in pots for transplanting.

To plant cloud flower seeds, usually from the end of frost (February and March) 6 to 8 weeks before transferring to the open environment, they start planting seeds in a vault or tray, and the seeds germinate after 7 to 15 days.

Consider the distance between the bushes at 30 cm. It is better to wet the soil bed before planting the seeds.

The remarkable thing about this plant is that; In order to have numerous and high-quality flowers and stimulate the plant to flower a lot, it is better to consider the distance between the bushes a little more.