(Tall Fescue Grass Seed (Festuca arundinacea

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Introduction of tall fescue grass or Festuca arundinacea:

Tall fescue grass or Festuca arundinacea grass with the scientific name Festuca arundinacea is the most widely used and adaptable cool-season perennial grass in cold regions.

Other scientific names of Festuca arundinace grass include:

Schedonorus arundinaceus, Lolium arundinaceum.

How does fescue arundinace grass grow:

Festuca arundinacea grass or tall fescue grows mainly in clumps and also with short rhizomes to spread itself over the ground.

Compared to other grasses, Festuca arundinacea grass has very wide and coarse long leaves.

Festuca arundinaceae grass also has very long taproots that allow it to access moisture deep in the soil and is more drought tolerant than other cool season grasses.

Festuca arundinacea grass also tolerates wet and waterlogged environments well and can be found in wetlands, on embankments, along roadsides, and in lawns.

Festuca arundinace grass grows in slightly acidic and slightly alkaline soils and does not care for sandy or loamy substrates.

If you want to plant a grass in a dry location, the hardiness and adaptability of tall fescue or Festuca arundinaceae can be helpful.


Here's a summary of everything you need to know about fescue arundinace grass:



loose masses, strong roots,

Characteristics of Festuca arundinaceae grass leaves: broad, matte surface, shiny underside
of drought-resistant grasses

Resistant sports grass and various other applications
The period of germination and growth of Festuca arundinace grass

9 to 16 days

Fast growth but less competitive
Minimum cutting height 30-40 mm
Special features of Festuca arundinace grass

Resistant especially to drought and heat, wide tolerance to all environments, low susceptibility to grass diseases