Zinnia seeds

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Scientific name of Zinnia elegans: Zinnia elegans

It is an annual plant and is one of the flowering plants of the Cassian family and one of the most well-known plants of the genus Zinnia.

Sowing method of sesame seeds:

The best time to plant seeds outdoors is from mid-spring to late spring, so the outdoor temperature overnight should be below 10 degrees.
After preparing the plant seeds, you should plant it directly in the garden soil. Before planting the seeds, you should soften the garden soil to a depth of 30 cm and then plant the seeds at a depth of half a centimeter.
Zinnia  is very resistant to drought, but if the soil surface is dry, the plant will wither, and also reduce the beauty and flowering quality of the plant, so you need to maintain sag flower in summer. When the air temperature is very high, water the plant at short intervals so that high heat does not cause the plant to wither.