Fenugreek Seeds

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Under what conditions can fenugreek seeds be planted:

This plant needs warm air during growth. Although it grows in sandy and poor soils, for mass cultivation of this plant, calcareous soils rich in nutrients and nutrients should be used (Figure 2). Sufficient water plays a major role in increasing seed yield. Fenugreek plays a major role in nitrogen fixation. The lands where this plant is cultivated will be rich in nitrogen. Therefore, it is recommended to plant plants that require a lot of nitrogen after harvesting fenugreek.

What are the stages of planting and harvesting fenugreek:

The first step: preparing the soil for planting fenugreek.

In the fall season, after adding phosphorus and potash, moderate plowing is done. At the end of winter, the soil bed should be prepared for fenugreek cultivation.

When is the most suitable time to plant fenugreek seeds and what should be the intervals for planting fenugreek seeds:

Early spring (April) is the right time for direct sowing of chenille seeds in the main land. Fenugreek seeds are planted in rows with a distance of 25 cm. The appropriate depth for planting fenugreek seeds is 1 to 1.5 cm. 22 to 25 kg of good quality seeds are needed for each hectare of land.

How to plant fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds should be planted in rows and using grain work rows in the desired rows. After planting, the land should be irrigated sufficiently to prepare the conditions for germination.

How to harvest the product and fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek flowers six weeks after planting. The fruit is usually ready to be harvested four to five weeks after flowering. Summer season (July-August) is the perfect time to harvest fenugreek fruit. A delay in harvesting causes the seeds to fall. It is recommended to harvest the fruit on hot and dry days. After harvesting, the fruits should be washed, cleaned and packed. The yield of dry vegetative body is 5 tons per hectare and 1.5 to 2.8 tons of fenugreek seeds can be harvested from each hectare.

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