Iranian dill seeds


what is dill seeds specifications?

Dill seeds are the dried fruit of the plant Anethum graveolens, a member of the Apiaceae family. They have a slightly sweet, pungent aroma and a bitter taste. The seeds range in color from yellowish green to light brown and are about 5 mm in length. They are often used as a culinary spice or herbal medicine.

how to grow dill seeds in farm?

1. Choose a location to sow the dill seeds in the farm that receives full sun or partial shade and has well-draining, fertile soil.

2. Till the soil to loosen it up and break down any remaining clumps of dirt. Work the surface of the soil until it is smooth and level with a rake or garden hoe.

3. Sow your dill seeds directly in the ground, making an indentation about ½ inch deep before adding a handful of seed into each hole. Cover lightly with soil and water generously once planted.

4. Spread a light layer of mulch around each group of seedlings to help retain moisture as they grow, which can be either small stones or organic material such as straw or leaves.

5. Water regularly, being sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy so mold does not form on the seeds or seedlings. If using an irrigation system make sure it is set up close to ground level as dill likes its water close to home.

6 .Fertilize every two weeks during growing season by applying organic fertilizers like compost around plants according to label directions or use liquid fertilizer diluted with water for smaller plants where precise application control is important for best results; generally no more than twice per month should be sufficient for larger plants or exceptional circumstances found at higher elevations (mountain ranges).