Iranian ornamental cabbage mix seeds

The botanical characteristics of Iranian ornamental cabbage are as follows:

Iranian ornamental cabbage plant belongs to Cruciferae family. The English name of Iranian ornamental cabbage is ornamental cabbage.

Iranian ornamental cabbage has a strong thick fleshy stem as well as broad leaves. The leaves are smooth and hairless in red, white, pink and green colors.

Mix Iranian ornamental cabbage seeds

The time to plant Alvan ornamental Iranian cabbage seeds is usually early summer.

The suitable soil is good soil with proper drainage and pH = 7 or neutral or slightly acidic.

What are the characteristics of a suitable place for growing Mix Iranian ornamental cabbage seeds:

Mix Iranian ornamental cabbage is cold-tolerant and keeps its freshness until early spring. This flower is suitable for temperate and humid regions.

How to plant Iranian ornamental cauliflower:

In areas with cold summers, the seeds are planted in the greenhouse at a depth of 6 mm, but in areas with hot summers, the seeds are planted at the same depth but directly in the main land or in the greenhouse.

The proper distance between Iranian ornamental cauliflower plants should be considered to be about 30 cm.

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