Piper sudangrass seeds

Introduction of Sudan Grass:

Sudan grass is one of the cultivars of forage sorghum, which is an annual plant and has thicker stems and better quality forage than sorghum, but its yield is lower than forage sorghum, the yield of Sudan grass is 3 to 5 tons of dry forage per hectare. Is.

The best ways to use Sudan grass for livestock fodder are:

1- Direct grazing

2- Fresh forage

3- Siloed fodder

4- Chopped or finely chopped fodder 

Best planting time for Sudan grass: 

It is late May to mid-summer. 

The amount of seed required by Sordan Grass per hectare:

About 10 to 15 kg is recommended and the appropriate planting depth is about 2 to 3 cm. 

Best time to harvest Sudan Grass:

It is when its height has reached about 15 cm.

Sudan grass contains high levels of energy and protein.

Bag weight 25 kg