Saba greenhouse cucumber seeds

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Saba greenhouse cucumber seeds are distributed in packages of 1000 pieces and the price listed on this page is the price of each Saba greenhouse cucumber seed.


Why should we choose Saba cucumber seeds for planting?

As we know, providing food security to society is one of the first priorities of any country. For this purpose, greenhouse cultivars are very important due to their special capabilities, and among them, due to the large area of greenhouse cucumber cultivation in the country, they are in the first place.

What are the characteristics of Seba greenhouse cucumber seeds?

Middle flower with 2 to 4 flowers in each stipe

It has a self-regulating plant (according to the environmental conditions).

Internodes distance is short with limited growth of lateral branches

High performance with a high percentage of first class product

Can be cultivated in all seasons and different climates

Very good recovery power

Image of Seba greenhouse cucumber product

Image of Seba greenhouse cucumber product

What conditions and diseases are the Seba greenhouse cucumber seeds resistant to?

Suffering from internal powdery mildew and plant wilt

- Tolerant of cloudy and low light conditions


8 reasons why Saba cucumber seeds are suitable seeds for planting in the greenhouse:

1- High performance

2- Very good marketability of the harvested product

3- economic benefit in terms of seed price compared to imported seeds

4- Resistant to environmental stresses

5- Compatible with different climates inside Iran and other countries

6- The ability to cultivate in all seasons of the year

7- Very good recovery power after every harvest

8- Seeds produced in Iran with modern technology and competitive with foreign and imported seeds


Among the special features of Saba greenhouse seeds, the following can be mentioned:

1- Self-regulation of the plant (regulation of the number of flowers in different environmental conditions)

2- Minimum abortion of flowers and fruits and as a result reducing the energy loss of the plant

3- Balanced vegetative growth and as a result high productivity

4- Uniformity in the production of products according to market characteristics

5- Fruits with a length of 16 to 18 cm

6- The shape of harvested fruits is cylindrical and marketable in dark green color

7- Harvested fruits have regular grooves

Saba greenhouse cucumber seeds with the following features have high economic efficiency for production:

At least side branches, which benefits:

Reduce costs in the long run

Reducing the transmission of diseases between plants

Reducing the stress on the plant from the labor force

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Number of seeds per package 1000 pieces