Sama greenhouse cucumber seeds

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The specifications of Sama mini greenhouse cucumber seeds are as follows:

Purity percentage of Mini Sama cucumber seeds: 99%

Germination rate of Mini Sama cucumber seeds: 95%

Number of seeds in each package: 500 pcs

Seed disinfectant poison: Tiram

Greenhouse cucumber seeds of the Sama variety, among the mini greenhouse cucumber seeds or so-called improvement, are produced in Iran.

A picture of the greenhouse grown from mini sama cucumber seeds

Mini Sama cucumber seeds are available in packs of 500 pieces.

Sama greenhouse cucumber seed is one of the early cultivars with high adaptability and yield

Greenhouse cucumber seeds of the Sama cultivar belong to the group of interfloral seeds with 2 to 4 flowers per node.

The production of grooved and short fruits with a length of 9-10 cm is one of the distinctive characteristics of Sama greenhouse cucumber seeds.

Sama greenhouse cucumber seeds are resistant to powdery mildew and internal powdery mildew and are suitable for greenhouse cultivation in autumn and spring.

The fruit is green in color and has good quality. The distance between the internodes in this figure is short and it is the reason for its proper performance.

Number of seeds per package 500 pieces