Iranian Persian Cumin seeds

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What are the botanical characteristics of Iranian cumin:

Iranian Cumin with the scientific name (Cyminum cuminum) is an annual plant from the Apiaceae family, whose common English name is Cumin.

Iranian Cumin is a small, herbaceous plant with a height of 15 to 60 cm and a long narrow white root of 10 to 20 cm in length and a straight stem branched into two divisions.

Iranian Cumin leaves are alternate, dark green in color, hairless, divided into very thin and delicate but long and thread-shaped cuts.

The Iranian cumin plant has small, white or pink flowers in the form of compound umbrellas.

Cumin flowers have 3 to 6 umbrellas and 5 delicate egg-shaped petals.

The fruit of Iranian cumin plant is elongated oval, narrow at both ends, very fragrant, 3 to 7 mm long, 1.5 mm in diameter and covered with rough fibers.

Some varieties of Iranian cumin plant have fruits without web. The color of Iranian cumin fruit may be dark yellow, greenish or gray depending on the variety of the plant.

Due to its pleasant aroma and taste, cumin is used in flavoring all kinds of meat and its products, including sausages and removing the unpleasant smell of fish meat.

After pepper, cumin is the most important spice in the world. 


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