Baghdadi alfalfa seeds

Delivery date: 1 الی 3 روز کاری

What are the characteristics of Baghdadi alfalfa seeds:

Density of alfalfa stems and leaves: Dense

What is the purity percentage of Baghdadi alfalfa seeds: 99% (soaked)

How many percentages is the germination of alfalfa seeds: 95%

The height of the alfalfa plant:

On average, the height of Baghdadi alfalfa plant is around 70 to 90 cm.

What are the characteristics of alfalfa leaves:

Baghdadi alfalfa leaves are large and covered with fluff and its water requirement is high.

In which regions of Iran is Baghdadi alfalfa cultivated:

Baghdadi alfalfa is special for tropical regions, therefore it is cultivated in the southern regions of Iran and mostly in Khuzestan province. One of the prominent features of this alfalfa is heat resistance, so that it grows without stagnation throughout the year in conditions like Khuzestan province. Baghdadi alfalfa produces an average of 10 Chinese per year in areas like Khuzestan province.

What is the yield of Baghdadi alfalfa per hectare:

Depending on the texture of the soil, the density of planting and the care of the farm, the amount of harvest from each field is between 2 and 4 tons of dry fodder.

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