Ranger alfalfa seeds

Delivery date: 1 الی 3 روز کاری
Ranger alfalfa seed characteristics:
Ranger alfalfa cultivar is one of perennial alfalfa cultivars and its main center is America. It is basically a combination of Indian, Turkish and American hay. This variety shows great resistance to cold.
The appearance of this cultivar is very similar to Hamedani alfalfa cultivar. The root of this variety is resistant to diseases, including alfalfa root nematode. The height of Ranger alfalfa is lower than that of Hamadani. Its number of folds is also higher than Hamadani alfalfa.
In which regions can Ranger alfalfa seeds be planted: temperate and cold regions
The height of the alfalfa plant is 50-60 cm
How many times can fodder be harvested from this alfalfa in each agricultural year: 5-7 times
What size ranger alfalfa leaves are: Medium
What is the stem and leaf density of ranger alfalfa: Dense
What is the percentage of physical purity of Ranger alfalfa seed: 99% 
What is the average germination capacity of Ranger alfalfa seeds: 95%
The packaging of Ranger alfalfa seeds is several kilos:
Ranger alfalfa seeds are supplied in bags of 25 and 10 kilos and with a birth certificate.
The stem of the Ranger alfalfa bush is thin, and for this reason, the fodder obtained from it is very suitable and palatable for livestock as well as direct grazing of livestock.
The root of alfalfa ranger is bitter, and in this sense, it is a factor to drive away rats in the alfalfa field.
Bag weight 25 kg
Bag weight ten kg