Hamedani alfalfa seeds

Delivery date: 1 الی 3 روز کاری

Specifications of Hamadani alfalfa seeds:

Hamadani alfalfa is one of cold climate alfalfa and is recommended for mountainous areas that have cold winters.

This type of alfalfa has a thick and tall stem and 3 to 5 bales can be harvested from it in a year.

How many kilos of Hamadani alfalfa seeds per hectare is requaered:

If the farm soil is light, the recommended amount of seed for each hectare is 50 to 60 kg, and if the farm soil is heavy or clay, the amount of seed used for each hectare is suggested to be 100 kg.

In case of using the alfalfa seed machine, this amount of consumed seed is reduced by half.

Hamadani alfalfa seeds that can be supplied by Ramin Sell Trading Group are among the seeds that have been treated and sauced, the sample photo of which is shown below this text.

Hamadani alfalfa seeds are packaged in 10 and 25 kg bags along with seed identification certificate.


hamedani alfalfa specifiction: 


Top of Form


Suitable climate: cold weather


height: 60 to 80 cm


number of harvest: 3 to 5 time in one year


size of leafs: medium


Stem and leaf density: long stem with low leaf density


Seed purity percentage: 99%


Seed Viability percentage: 95%



Bag weight 25 kg
Bag weight ten kg